Month: Mar 2018

Side effects associated with male enhancement pills

Male enhancement pill has been used to boost sexual performance in men for decades. When the pills were being introduced in the market, there were only a few varieties to choose from. But currently, there is a wide variety of the medication to choose from and it can even be overwhelming to pick the best […]


How to tell if you need a detox

Accumulation of toxins in the body is a serious challenge that may require immediate attention.  The worst part is that it can be quite challenging to tell when there is too much toxin in the body for you to have a detox. This is because the toxins accumulate without any indication sign until they become […]


How much hair loss is normal daily?

Are you having problems with hair loss? Well this should not come as a surprise considering that many people experience the same problem too.  It is actually normal to lose some hair every time you comb or have a shower. But it all depends on how much hair you lose. Too much hair loss is […]


How emotional stress impacts women sex drive

There is no doubt that stress plays a big role in a woman’s sexual health. Stress in women is brought about by several factors: demanding careers, taking care of the family, not forgetting all the house chores to handle can be overwhelming. This eventually leads to production of negative hormones, which are the main cause […]


3 simple ways to care about your vagina

When it comes to vaginal care, here is one of the main things that every woman should uphold. There are several factors that will prompt a woman to care for her vagina. From bad odor, abnormal discharges all the way to the vagina being too wide-all these problems can be so irritating and the worst […]