How emotional stress impacts women sex drive

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How emotional stress impacts women sex drive

There is no doubt that stress plays a big role in a woman’s sexual health. Stress in women is brought about by several factors: demanding careers, taking care of the family, not forgetting all the house chores to handle can be overwhelming. This eventually leads to production of negative hormones, which are the main cause of stress. Other things that contribute to stress in women include:

  • Birth control
  • Menstruation
  • pregnancy

How does stress affect a woman’s sex drive?

Excessive stress causes too much thinking, making the body to overwork. This leads to low reduced libido in women. As much as regular exercises and having a healthy diet can reduce the effects of stress, products made from natural ingredients like Provestra can also come in handy. Provestra helps in restoring hormonal balance which in turn boosts a woman’s sexual appetite.

Stress can also lead to infertility among women. Remember that stress is a major contributing factor in lowering a woman’s libido. Well, too much stress can also contribute to fertility complications. This is because stress has negative effects on pituitary glands which have control over the ovaries.

Poor functioning of the ovaries means interruption to the normal menstrual cycle, which leads to either irregular periods or the periods stopping altogether (a condition referred to as amenorrhea). Chances of a woman getting pregnant with such a condition is close to nil, which means that it is very important for a woman to manage her stress level when planning to get pregnant.

How to reduce emotional stress and achieve a healthy sexual life

Too much stress equals to low libido, which means poor sexual life. This will ultimately affect a woman’s relationship. The most positive thing is that there are measures you can put in place to manage your stress levels and maintain a healthy sexual life. Some of the tips are also very easy to implement and you won’t need to worry about spending too much time on work outs and medications.

Sex itself is a perfect stress reliever and the more you engage in healthy sex the less stressed you become.

You also need to maintain a healthy diet. Meals that are inclusive of proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetable help reduce stress levels and increase body energy. With such diets, a woman will always be in the mood for intimacy.

Another important tip you can implement to reduce stress levels is having regular exercises. As much as you may be too busy for workout during the day, exercising for only twenty minutes in the morning is enough to keep your body healthy and energized all day long. Regular exercises help the body produce positive hormones which will go a long way in turning you on.

Finally, you also need to reduce your daily workload. You can only achieve this if you are organized enough. Prioritize on important activities and avoid things that take too much of your time. This will help reduce stress levels and guarantee you a healthy libido.